One YMCA Gyms’ mission is to provide affordable fitness to increase the health and wellbeing of those living and working in Watford. As Jay, YMCA Communications Coordinator, says “in One YMCA we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise.”

One YMCA provides a fully equipped gym and weekly fitness classes, as well as a team of friendly fitness instructors always happy to help and provide support and motivation so members can achieve long-lasting results.

From 3 years old to 100(!) there are activities for everyone at One YMCA. From Gymnastics to FFL Classes bringing people together in the local community, there are many benefits on offer, as Vicky, Health & Wellbeing Manager, says “One YMCA encourages a gym environment, different to any typical gym, as it is more about essence and community, where members all know each other, chat and enjoy their time”.

One YMCA is also more than a Gym, as a contribution from each monthly membership fee goes towards their outstanding charity work which they have been doing for over 40 years in Hertfordshire.

Apart from gyms, community centres and more, One YMCA is a charitable organisation that runs hostels for the homeless. To date, over 95,700 local people have been helped to belong, contribute and thrive in 2018/19. One YMCA has organised 127,200 nights of safe and secure sleep for vulnerable young people and families, helped more than 600 16-18 year olds at risk of homelessness via HomelessHub, provided 23,300 housing support sessions, enabled 2,534 young people attend to youth club activities and delivered over 3,500 volunteer hours – and they are still counting…

If you want to keep fit and also contribute to the local community, join team Y and be a local hero! Your gym membership counts and allows One YMCA to continue to provide for those in need. At only £14.99 a month with no joining fee, it is easy and affordable for everyone – find out more about further discounts and offers on their website.

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