Shama, an independent cake creator and baker, runs her own small local business in Watford. Read the below interview and read about all the aspects of owning a business in Watford and how the town’s development has helped push Shama’s to success.


How and when did you decide to start your business? Have you always been passionate about baking?
ShamaMakesCakes was launched last year after my friends and family pushed me to turn my hobby and passion for baking into a business. I’ve always enjoyed baking. I can remember helping my mum bake and decorate birthday cakes as a child, and my passion has grown after attending many cake decorating courses and making a wedding cake for a family member. Watford has been the ideal place to start my business due to the amazing connections and interactions from the wonderful community, especially through social media.


Could you describe some basic, daily routines?
As a part-time baker and part-time Physiotherapist I need to ensure I manage my time carefully. There is a lot of planning involved in cake making! Once I receive an order from a client, I like to have an in-depth discussion with them, providing my ideas and listening to their requirements. The next stage would involve buying the ingredients and equipment needed for the cake- including cake boards, boxes, ribbons, etc. Finally, it comes to the actual baking and the most time consuming would be the decorating- I can spend anywhere between 2-5 hours decorating a cake!! But it’s all worth it once the client sees the final product and the positive feedback I receive.


How have you seen your business growing over the years in Watford?
As a start-up business, Watford has allowed me to connect with a huge community. Last year I was involved in donating cupcakes to a Marie Curie Coffee Morning held at MotherCare Watford. As the town develops, I can only see a positive growth for ShamaMakeCakes.


What advice would you give to people who are thinking about running their own business? 
Starting a business is never easy and I have had to deal with many obstacles- but it has always been worth it when you have a business you have a passion for. For those who want to start up a business in Watford, I say ‘do it!’. There are so many great opportunities available in Watford, it has a very close link to London, there are always events happening that you can attend and be involved in and it has a network of other supportive start-up businesses.

To find out more visit Shama’s page on Facebook – just click here.

shamamakescakes and reveals the ingredients to success
shamamakescakes and reveals the ingredients to success

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