Take the decision out of gifting and buy the Watford gift card for a wide choice of spending across food, drink and leisure entertainment. The Watford Gift Card can be used in a wide selection of Watford businesses including cafes, restaurants, shops and service providers.

What Is It
The Watford Gift Card is a Mastercard-based gift card which can be used across Watford.

The card works in the same way as a department store/shopping centre gift cards but for the whole town.

How It Works
1) Simply choose your card amount

2) Purchase your Watford Gift Card

3) Gift it to friends, family or colleagues to be spent in a wide selection of Watford businesses!

Why Buy It
It’s a great present for any occasion

It supports Watford businesses

Takes the decision out of gift buying – experience Watford however you decide!


  • To find out more details about the Watford Gift Card, to order yours or to just see the full list of businesses that accept it, then visit the Watford Gift Card website: www.watfordgiftcard.com


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