An unconventional twist on Watford life!

Watford BID is extremely proud to present this series of sculptures which captures the spirit of the people and places of Watford. The sculptures have all been created by young Hertfordshire-based artist Marco Caruse, who sheds some light on his creative process:

“Each project begins as a sketch and is then fleshed out using clay, paint, and other materials and odd bits and pieces I have stumbled across. Each piece is placed in an environment I have built, which helps to create and breathe life into the miniature world these little characters live in. My aim is to take the mundane and sculpt it with an unconventional twist.”

The sculptures were also the creative inspiration for a range of colourful banners that have been seen up and down the High street. Ryan Coates, a designer at local marketing agency We Are Acuity, used Marco’s initial sketches to create stylised 2D versions of the sculptures which have helped to brighten up the centre of Watford, whatever the weather.

Following their appearance in the pop-up gallery and the open to the public event, the sculptures will be moved to a range of different locations around the town. You’ll then have the chance to find them all using an app which maps out a trail (linked by the matching colourful banners) and win a £300 Watford Gift card. 

Download the app from 21st February. The competition to find the sculptures will run until May. 

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A few words from Visit Watford during Coronavirus

During these testing times, we all need to stay active and make compromises. We know that the reason you usually come to our channels is for a dose of inspiration and ideas on the very best ways to organise your visit or spend your free time across Watford.

Making a trip out of the house to explore over the coming weeks is not recommended by the government and we want you to stay safe and protect your loved ones. However, here at Visit Watford we are still committed to sharing with you everything that’s great about our town.

Thus, you may see some changes to the content we’ll be posting; with more of a focus on supporting our community, sharing a few things to look forward to, and providing a little distraction during times where you may be stuck indoors.

We’ll be championing Watford’s independent businesses, keeping you up to date with great stories from our community and continuing to share incredible photos from across the area which we hope will put a smile on your face – visit our social media channels for more.

Got ideas of content you’d like to see from us? Nominate your neighbour or friend as a local hero, if you think they deserve a special mention – we’d love to hear your story! Get in touch at or share it on social media & tag us/ use the hashtag #watfordlocalhero.

Stay safe,
Visit Watford team