Watford BID was extremely proud to present this series of sculptures which captures the spirit of the people and places of Watford. The sculptures have all been created by young Hertfordshire-based artist Marco Caruso, who sheds some light on his creative process during his interview with Visit Watford!

How did you get into sculpting? When/how did you find out you have a talent?

I originally had no intention on pursing sculpture, however during my final year at university (where I studied illustration) I lost interest in painting and researched new avenues I could go down. I then stumbled upon a couple of artists who used clay characters with hand made sets within their work. Working in this style and new way reenergized my passion for illustration and I haven’t looked back.


Who did you inherit your artistic talent from?

My family aren’t particularly artistic however as a child I was obsessed with drawing comic book characters and also making things I’d seen Neil Buchanan throw together on art attack.


What were your challenges in putting the statues together?

The challenges definitely come when building the bases for the sculptures; over the years building a character from start to finish has become quite a quick process but because each environment the character is in is different and presents its own challenges, that’s the longest part.

For this particular project Cassiobury park’s Marri train was the biggest challenge. Once I had the character made, I had to find random items I could put together which would look the part. The train is made of cardboard, old bits of plastic packaging, wire and a very small amount of sculpture work to tie the train together. I think the final outcome was pretty successful and worked well with the banner Ryan made.


What would be your long-term goals?

My long term goals are to become a full-time freelancer and work with more magazines and companies delivering editorial illustrations and advertising campaigns.

I also have set myself a goal for the end of the year to start producing and selling a series of resin casts of my work based on footballers’ past and present.


How did it feel to see all your work come together?

It was great to see the series as a whole because I never normally see my work in such big numbers together. It was even better to see the pieces at the pop-up exhibition because I had never imagined or thought I would have so many pieces on display at one time!


Do you have a favourite sculpture? If so, which one and why?

My favourite piece was the Rock up sculpture, I haven’t sculpted a character in that setting before so working out how he would climb and interact with the base was really fun to make. I feel like the worry on the little guy’s face is exactly how I’d react too!

If you want to find out more about Marco Caruso and his work you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram @marco1caruso.


© Licensed to simonjacobs.com. 20/02/2020 Watford, UK. Watford BID Iconic Watford sculpture trail launch, Intu, Watford, Herts. Photo credit: Simon Jacobs
© Licensed to simonjacobs.com. 20/02/2020 Watford, UK. Watford BID Iconic Watford sculpture trail launch, Intu, Watford, Herts. Photo credit: Simon Jacobs

Following their appearance in the pop-up gallery and the open to the public event, the sculptures will be moved to a range of different locations around the town. You’ll then have the chance to find them all using an app that maps out a trail (linked by the matching colourful banners) and win a £300 Watford Gift card. 

Download the app from 21st February. The competition to find the sculptures will run until May. 

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