One more example of how Watford locals stay united and promote their community spirit, by coming up with innovative ideas of how to assist and provide help in various ways, to those in need; the more vulnerable ones in our society.





Sam PT, a personal trainer based in Watford, teaches over 50 people every week who are self-isolating at the moment, in an attempt to keep people motivated and give them reasons to stay at home. The idea was to provide online access to live chair-based workout sessions for the elderly and everyone else in the community who have limited fitness levels and are currently in isolation.


“The goal is to change people’s mood during these testing times, improve their immune system and strength!” Sam, says. Then he explains “these people are either elderly, have serious health conditions or rehabilitation after cancer treatment, so I’d like to encourage them all to stay home and stay active when they are not allowed to go out, offering the option of a basic workout routine from your comfort/safety zone”.


The first workout session of this project was on Monday 23rd March. So far, everyone seemed to have enjoyed this new type of online workout sessions! Sam states he has received lots of requests to do this more often; until further notice, the sessions are scheduled to be taking place every Monday, at 10.15 am. 


You can set this up for your elderly family, friend or neighbour and encourage them to take care of themselves by giving them one more reason to stay home! You can follow and join the team live on Facebook or on the wellspring church website.


It is amazing how these difficult times bring us all together and show Watford’s community spirit. 

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