After one week at home & in isolation, we guess you’ve already tidied up, organised your books/ old photographs/ kitchen drawers and we bet you’ve sorted out your WFH routine by now. Thus, now is the time you need some extra inspiration! We’ve put together some ideas for you; read below and enjoy.

1.       Become a master chef

If you are one of those who don’t know how to cook, it might be time to change that! Cooking can be fun and even wonderfully therapeutic; you can find various recipes and videos online.

However, if you are not there yet, try some takeaway apps that will get you ready-made foods from the restaurants you’d normally visit. You can order breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’ll be supporting many of the distressed restaurants in our area.


2.       Sort through your wardrobe

That old band t-shirt gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe? Those sequinned denim shorts you haven’t worn since 2015? It’s time to get rid!

Grab some strong bin bags to get started; it will make you feel wonderfully cleansed and our Watford charity shops will be very grateful for donations (make sure it’s all in a saleable condition though; anything with holes or stains should be recycled instead).


3.       Get your bath time self-care game on

Light your favourite candles, run a bubble bath, get that face mask on – your self-care game is about to be its strongest yet. Think ‘at-home-spa’.


4.       Don’t forget to exercise

Being locked in one position for many hours of the day is the total opposite of what the human body has evolved to do and this makes our joints and muscles unhappy. The lockdown is not doing our bodies any favours and since it will not last forever, we have to remind you to stay active as much as possible.

Many local gyms do online classes now with workout exercises you can do from home (ex. Fitness4less), or alternatively, YouTube is full of 20-30 minutes workout videos that you could follow once a day!


5.        Go through your ‘to-watch’ list

Whether it’s catching up on all the new ‘Love Is Blind’ dramz or starting one of Netflix’s new drops, now is the time to snuggle up in front of the telly without regrets. You could also organise movie nights with your friends but… from distance!


6.       Bring the Beauty Salon at home

Now that we’ve got plenty of time available, now it’s time for you to show yourself some love and not to let loose. Paint your nails, take some care of your eyebrows if you think you can (without ruining their shape, no!), apply your hair mask once a week; all these can prove therapeutic and will definitely make you feel better.


7.       Watch some great shows

Many local theatres are now starting to broadcast some of their most popular shows for free and make sure you join them, as they are doing it for you! We will be updating you about any theatre shows or concerts coming up – follow us on social media and stay tuned.


8.       Video call your friends and family

Staying home is now moving to the next level as businesses and venues are doing their best to make it easier for everyone. It can also be fun as long as the ‘isolation’ is only physical. It is important to remember to stay in touch with your friends and family, check on each other regularly and enjoy a good laugh over the phone.


9.       Crack the games out

It’s time to show some love to that Monopoly your aunt bought you for Christmas 2010 and challenge your flatmate/ mum/ kids/ hubby to a six-hour, relationship-testing game. For the more risky ones, we recommend you go ‘all in’ playing poker with toilet paper or pasta!


10.   Take a trip… to a virtual museum or national park

We know you cannot go out and explore, let alone make bigger plans like travelling to another country. However, did you know you can see museums and the world without leaving home? The Internet allows you to visit world’s most popular museums and national parks virtually. Highlights include Machu Picchu in Peru, The Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Georgia Aquarium – follow us on social media and we will keep you updated for any Watford local attractions too.


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