It is beyond doubt that the Coronavirus outbreak has changed everyone’s lives, forcing families into isolation at home.

It’s extremely important for our health that we do this in order to stay safe and protect our loved ones. However, it is also as important that we stay physically active and make sure we take care of our mental and emotional health.

Read some of our ideas of how to spend your time at home and have fun with your flatmates or families; activities are designed for both kids and adults!

1.       Sock ball basketball

We are sure you’ve seen/heard of the “sock ball basketball” trend as it has gone viral on Instagram during the last couple of weeks! Instagram users challenge their friends to beat each other’s scores by adding videos of their attempts to their Insta-stories.

First, time to take out some socks and prepare your sock balls. Then simply practise throwing the sock balls into a basket – which could be your laundry hamper, a small cardboard box, or another household container from different distances and angles.

This can be more fun when you play one-versus-one or two-versus-two in a competitive shootout challenge. Take turns shooting from different distances and different heights and angles.


2.       The ‘Friends’ Game

Named after the well-known American series, we got inspired to create the ‘Friends’ game for you, which is to test your knowledge of your friends, flatmates or family members.

First, each person or team has to come up with questions about themselves i.e. What is Anne’s favourite book? When is Jameson’s birthday? and write down their answers (for reference).

Then you can either play individually or split into teams of two and answer the questions scoring points; the more intelligent and difficult the questions, the funnier the game can be! Do not forget to set time restrictions and even certain categories for the questions – which the teams have to choose from every time their turn’s up.


3.       Quick, Draw!

Gather around the table, set your timers and… quick, draw!

You will need a coordinator for this game, to come up with movie titles, book names or unusual objects. Like the pantomime, write these down on small pieces of paper and mix them in a box. Each player randomly picks one and tries to draw it for the rest to guess the word/phrase!

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