The family business, RossCo in Langley Way, Watford, show their support to the community during Covid-19 crisis by offering free delivery service to all customers. This will help ensure that people don’t need to leave their homes, and it will help protect the elderly and vulnerable.




The grocery shop owners have increased their working hours and staff members, in order to be able to complete all the orders on time. “It has certainly been rather hectic recently as we are currently delivering around 180 to 200 orders a day throughout Watford, Bushey, Hemel, Bovingdon, Stanmore, Amersham, Chesham, Northwood, and North London to name a few, all with free delivery to our customers!” the business owner, Ross Hampton, says.


RossCo have also been supporting a number of care homes with their deliveries of fruit & vegetables, as well as prioritising the vulnerable and self-isolated customers making sure they get their fresh food deliveries as soon as possible.


“We have been working close to 20 hours a day in order to get the fruit, meat, vegetables, dairy & delicatessen products fresh from the market and then have them delivered to our customers. We have also extended our shop’s opening hours in Cassiobury to help our local community get their products.”


It has been a fantastic team effort all round and RossCo are very grateful to be able to support our Watford community and their shop’s customers with fresh food delivered to their door during these strange and difficult times!


You can order online at or over the phone by calling 01923 249799.


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