A mum & daughter, Nelly & Laura Dabdoub, have found a way out of the negative effects of isolation through painting! While stuck in the house, the painting includes painting on their garden gates and furniture in and around the house. 

Read their story to get inspired, and maybe try this at home! However, we should warn you that the two women have proved to have a talent, as they’ve been painting and presenting their work at local exhibitions, too.

Laura and Nelly set up a page on Instagram a few months ago, to show off some of their work and share it with other people. The reactions encouraged them to get back into art and painting. They’ve already had one exhibition in intu Watford and are hoping to have another one soon.


“Our work ranges from sunsets, animals, people to abstract textures and techniques. Some of our more recent work includes painting on our garden gates and furniture in and around the house” Laura, says.


To enjoy their fantastic work, or to get in touch to buy or collab, then visit their art page on Instagram or phone 07952320119.

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