The Florist reveal the recipe for their Vegan Peanut Butter and Banana Samosas! In case you’ve missed The Florist dining experience already, you can now bring it home by preparing their recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen, for you and your loved ones.


200g peanut butter
2 bananas
filo pastry pack (to create 4-6 individual sheets)
golden syrup
vegan ice cream to serve
sesame seeds (optional for serving)



1. Firstly, roughly mash the bananas in a bowl then combine with the peanut butter (add more peanut butter along the way if you wish to your desired ratio of peanut/banana)

2. Taking your filo pastry roll, cut it lengthways in thirds so you are left with 3 rectangular strips.

3. Place a scoop of your peanut butter & banana mix in the top corner of the pastry strip. Then take the corner of the pastry and fold over the mix into a triangle, flattening down slightly as you do. Continue folding from the corners to create a triangular parcel. Brush the pastry with water when folding to ensure it is sealed and prevent air holes.

4. Deep fry the samosas until golden.

5. Carefully coat in golden syrup, but be careful of hot samosas!

6. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve with your favourite vegan ice cream.


Don’t forget to share your recreations and tag @thefloristuk to be featured on their Instagram!


by The Florist Watford.

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