During these testing times, The Pump House theatre has managed to adapt and continues to spread some entertainment and positive vibes across Watford and beyond. Despite the uncertainty and all the difficulties the venue is facing, this positivity is what we all need at the moment, thus, their story is definitely worth telling!


The Pump House is certainly being tested at the moment and, as with everyone else on the planet, they are having to adapt. “We think we all went into shock when the doors had to be closed, especially being a charity and our income is purely relying on people coming through our doors. Did we panic? Well maybe a little, but then we had to get our thinking caps on, and as we say in the business, ‘The Show Must Go On’!” says Sharon Gaffney.


With a bit of creativity and a positive way of thinking, The Pump House team and it’s wonderful community have been working on various projects and activities. These include the ‘Jazz in the afternoon’, their fab clients Electric Umbrella developed EUTV, The Pump House theatre’s Children and Youth have put on an amazing Cabaret. The Pump House also has a fabulous Ghost story being red by Stephen Smith from Three Dumb Theatre, Shakespeare monologues with Tom Kanji, and of course, the highlight event of the month, IsoVision!

The idea of Isovision was to replace the amazing Eurovision which had to be canceled. The only difference is you didn’t have to just sing, but anyone with any talent could join the fun; a local talent at its best!  To watch what happened please click here.


“In this crazy world at the moment, we are pleased we have reached new audiences in a way we never imagined.  Will we go back to our old ways of entertaining when this is all over? Of course, but we also have an added medium now of entertaining people …so watch this space!”


To find out more about what is happening please visit The Pump House website www.pumphouse.info and there will be full instructions on how to join all of the events.  Most of these events are free, however, if you happen to come across their donation page, they would be very grateful!


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