Graze Life is a bespoke catering business providing stunning Graze Tables for all weddings, events and occasions – however, with the changes in the world over the last three months Graze Life now also caters delicious Graze Boxes and Platters, with contactless delivery directly to your door.

Through this time they have also developed various business partnerships with other local businesses, including Rossco Greengrocers in Watford, who “provide the most delicious fresh fruit and vegetables that give that extra special touch to your graze options” Michelle mentions. 

“Last year, and after three years of global travel in my last job, I really needed a lifestyle change, so I decided to start the business last summer. I made my own Grazing Table for my birthday, and things just kind of went from there” Michelle Reddyhoff, the business owner, says. “I have a huge passion for food and socialising, and my background is in creatives, so I decided to combine all my passions into the business, and with that came Graze Life“.

Michelle’s brother, Samson – – is a content developer and amazing photographer, so that’s how it all began falling into place when they did a huge photo-shoot to gather content and he then created a seamless, consumer-friendly website for the business!

Since launching, Graze Life have covered many exciting events all over the country with delicious Graze Tables, including many events for celebs resulting in their tables featuring in Ok! Magazine, Hello! And the Daily Mail.


“Three months ago I was forced to pivot the business and take a different outlook on our offering. When I initially launched the Graze Boxes I launched them all at a reduced rate for everyone, with further discounts for over 70’s and NHS workers. I could never have imagined the response to the Graze Boxes, and I am unbelievably grateful that I managed to keep my business going, and even grow, during such crazy times.”

“One thing I didn’t consider when launching the boxes is the reasons why people would be ordering them. Some are simply treating themselves or their partner for a date night. Some are birthday gifts, some are gifts to those who are missing their weddings and baby showers. Others are for those that are sadly sick and therefore given everything going on, they’re not able to be together” Michelle explains.

“Even if all I am doing is feeding people, I am so happy and grateful that I am able to bring a little bit of joy and brighten someone’s day!”


As we are now allowed to gather in slightly larger groups, Graze Life are pivoting once again to offer Graze Platters for people to enjoy while being reunited with their friends and family.

All Graze options can be found at You can also follow @GrazeLife on Facebook and Instagram, for more incredible pictures of their creations and updates regarding their activities.

Graze Life are based near Watford, and usually deliver over Herts, Beds, Bucks, and parts of Essex. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book your Graze.

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