Brishane Rebelo, an aspired photographer from Watford, takes the time to talk to Visit Watford about his work and how Watford appears in his art. 

1. What triggered your interest in photography in the first place?

My interest in photography has been a new acquired hobby given the current situation and the lockdown. I enjoy capturing real moments, that still speak even once captured.


2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with photography. 

Photography is my passion, inspired by nature’s beauty here in England; I enjoy exploring a place, capturing sceneries and the lovely people I encounter. Photography gives me a content feeling and motivates me to further amalgamate the pictures and analyse reality. My aim is to capture photographs that show a strong relationship between individuals and the environment they are in.

My camera is just a tool that uses its inanimate properties to turn pictures into animates of what the heart feels.


3. Why did you choose Watford in your art? 

Since I have recently moved to Watford I found my surroundings rather beautiful and photogenic. Watford is a very calm and peaceful place. I feel a sense of connection to the environment around me and this is so interesting and challenging to depict in a picture – I really enjoy that.


4. What do you think about Watford and the development of the area?

It’s simply amazing; the historic features of the area are fantastic and it is so conducive to commute. The town centre has its extravagant market along the famous high street which enables one to have a blissful evening, keeping in mind its beautiful layout.

I am glad to see that at such a quick pace the redevelopment of certain areas has boomed according to the needs of its people.


5. How does this appear in your work?

My work signifies reality, depicting the nurture effect on day to day life. The practicality of certain instances captured through the camera lens.


6. What’s the most interesting spot in Watford you love taking photographs of?

The streets to me are the most interesting spots as I get to turn something you come across with every day into a simply breathtaking capture; that’s art. The hidden gems, the beauty of Watford’s neighbourhood and that homey feeling.


7. How would you describe Watford in three words?

Picturesque, bustling, and homey.


8. How can someone get in touch to purchase one of your prints?

Through my email address,  You can also follow me on Instagram  @brishanerebelophotography to see more of my work and DM.

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