Herts Pride is an annual celebration of LGBTQ* life, celebrating diversity and equality in the community. The rainbow flag represents joining together to promote and support inclusion.


Published: 24 August 2020

A Zoom Quiz Night replaced the annual Herts Pride event that has been unable to take place this year and acted as a fundraiser to help build next year’s event. The free event took place on 22 August at 8pm and anybody could join in.


The council also supports the Ask for Clive initiative, which encourages pubs, bars, restaurants, cafés, gyms, sports clubs and other entertainment venues to display a rainbow sticker, indicating its staff will not tolerate homophobic or transphobic abuse. If LGBTQ people are experiencing discrimination, they can approach employees and ‘ask for Clive’ in these venues. The name Clive is inspired by Clive Duffey – organiser of Herts Pride.


Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “One of the fantastic things about Watford is the diversity of our town. We’ve got people from all parts of the world, of all faiths and of all sexualities and we have supported each other during these difficult months.

“We are proud to be flying the flag at the Town Hall in support of Herts Pride. The cancellation of the event this year was of course disappointing for everyone involved, but we can look forward to virtual events and these events returning in person next year. There is no place for intolerance or discrimination in our town.”

For more information, please visit hertfordshirepridesociety.co.uk and facebook.com/askforclive.

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