Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said:


On behalf on the whole town and even as far as the whole world, we are all deeply saddened of Captain Sir Tom Moore passing away.


Captain Moore became an unlikely role model this year at the age of 100, but through his kindness and never-ending determination, Tom – supported generously by so many people – raised over £33million for the NHS, which undoubtedly benefited their vital work to keep people safe and save lives.


He was a source of inspiration to many people in the face of this pandemic in the UK and around the world. He united the nation and gave us a beacon of hope when it was needed most. Most importantly he gave us a reason to smile.


I know that so many of us will be forever grateful for his positivity, service and kindness throughout his extraordinary life. From becoming a captain in the British Army during the Second World War fighting for freedom to walking 100 lengths in his back garden before reaching his 100th birthday, there was no end to his determination and selflessness.


Cllr Aga Dychton, Chairman of the Watford Borough Council said:


“Captain Sir Tom demonstrated how individual acts, as well as people working together, can help us to build strong, compassionate and courageous communities when we put others first and refuse to give up – even from their own back garden.


This year he also set up the also set up ‘The Captain Tom Foundation’, which focuses on combating loneliness, championing education and equality, and continued support for the wonderful NHS. It will be great to see his legacy continued and inspiring a new generation of Captain Toms.


Captain Tom was the very best of us, the best of British. We have lost a great hero, but because of you tomorrow will be a good day for so many more.


Whilst we mourn his loss, we celebrate his life, so this is Ground Control to Captain Tom you really made the grade!


Rest in Peace, Tom

Published: 03 February 2021

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