The focus of Watford Palace Theatre’s Stage in the Park has always been the community and this week, they are seeking to repay a key part of that community. With the NHS and Keyworkers having worked so selflessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our town and its members over the last couple of years, Watford Palace Theatre wants to repay them in some way to express their gratitude at the effort they have put forth.

So, this week they are offering tickets to both NHS and Keyworkers as well as their families at a discounted rate of £5 each. While only a small gesture, the Watford Palace theatre hopes that this will go some way to conveying the eternal gratitude for what they have done and continue to do for all of us here in Watford. To take advantage of this deal, the NHS and Keyworkers only have to enter the discount code ‘Thankyou’ when booking their tickets.

The shows that will be on include: This is Your Trial – kids, This is Your Trial , the Basil Brush Family show, Basil Brush Unleashed (for grown-ups!) , and Katy Ashworth from Cbeebies

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