The Pharmaceutical Industry Network Group, affectionately known as PING, was established in 2010 by the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences practice of Watford-based law firm VWV LLP to bring people together from across the pharmaceutical supply chain in the local area.

From its founding membership of seven local businesses PING has grown significantly and now boasts over 100 sector members from Watford, Hertfordshire and beyond.

Today, PING exists as a networking group for people across the pharmaceutical supply chain, to discuss and share best practice, ideas and generally help each other at a time of great change.

Members range from suppliers to pharmacists, including prescription-based suppliers, OTC suppliers, generics suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics, orphan drugs, named patient suppliers, comparator drug suppliers, specials suppliers, exporters, importers, regulatory advisers, pharma researchers, clinical trial statisticians, and market access and pharma data consultants.

Geography is everything.  Watford is at the epicentre of the Oxford – Cambridge – London golden triangle, with a large number of pharmaceutical businesses operating in and around Watford and across the triangle.  We set up PING in 2010 to bring people together from across the pharma supply chain in this local hotbed, and it has grown and gone from strength to strength through word of mouth, gaining industry recognition along the way.  Our objective is to enhance the region as a centre of excellence and facilitate the spread of good industry practice.

The pharmaceutical sector is important to Watford and Hertfordshire as a whole, and we work closely with Watford Borough Council, Watford Chamber of Commerce and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to welcome new businesses to the area and make effective introductions to potential supply chain and business partners.

Paul Gershlick – Head of Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Sector, VWV | Partner, VWV | Chair of PING

PING members meet quarterly for roundtable events which provide a great opportunity for people from different parts of the industry to come together and discuss the important topics of the day – making for a great mix of conversation and opinions from different outlooks.

The annual PING Conference is a showcase event focusing on the future of the sector, attracting industry leading speakers and more than 120 attendees from around the country and internationally.

The PING Innovation Award has operated since 2015 to recognise individuals and organisations whose innovative ideas, products, services or processes in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector are making a positive impact on people’s lives and is made at the annual PING Conference.

If you are interested in finding out more or becoming a member of PING please contact PING Chair, Paul Gershlick on or 01923 919320.

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