🍴Food Friday🍴 #10: Wagamama's chicken katsu curry for you to cook at home!

Cook your favourite #Food #Friday #recipe and remember to share photos or videos of your creations on social media, using the hashtag #visitwatford.

Find the recipe below: https://t.co/AoVsRIZbJO

🌾 'Rediscovering the River Colne' is a groundbreaking project to increase access, attract back biodiversity and improve the quality of the river. We want to know what you think of these schemes and other ideas for improving sustainability via our survey: https://t.co/3Dpm2qMT77

"(...) #Watford is a very calm and peaceful place. I feel a sense of connection to the environment around me and this is so interesting and challenging to depict in a #picture – I really enjoy that"

Read the whole #interview and enjoy some stunning shots: https://t.co/ereTHtMrKf

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