Known as Brazil’s signature curry dish, @lasiguanas Xinxim can take you and your loved ones on a flavourful adventure to the shores of Latin America; a delicious recipe to try at home:

🔸Go alone if possible
🔸Consider doing one big shop that lasts a couple of weeks
🔸Wear a mask in the shop
🔸Sanitise your hands before & after you visit
🔸Keep a 2m distance
🔸Look but don’t touch items unless you are buying them

#Covid19 #StaySafe

Remember #HandsFaceSpace when visiting our town centre 👋😷⚠️

#WatfordBIDrewind Day 12 - we installed hand sanitiser units at key entry points to our town centre in Spring of 2020 - please make sure to make use of them as often as possible!

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